Healing Gemstone Set for Protection and Grounding


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Feel safe, secure, and stable with this Healing Gemstone Set. These gemstones were specially chosen for their grounding qualities and their ability to block and absorb negative energy. Keep them with you throughout the day for a little bit of extra protection! See below for each stone’s unique properties. Every gemstone set includes a wooden keepsake box and a special gemstone guide. Also included is a crystal quartz gem, which you can use to charge your gemstones.

Black Onyx-Protection, strength, stamina
Hematite-Security, grounding
Smoky Quartz-Security, absorbs negative energy
Malachite-Protection, growth

  • Gemstone set for protection
  • Features five healing gemstones
  • Satchel, keepsake box, gemstone booklet
  • Gemstones will vary in size
  • Box measures 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches

Gemstones will feature variations in colour, shape, size, and appearance. No two stones are exactly alike.