Crystals are more than just pretty!

Before we get into the whole sprit-crystal-science thing, let’s first start by defining what exactly is a crystal?

Well, if you find yourself googling “what are crystals?” you’ll probably find some tricky and scientific description that might go like “Crystals are known to be a particular type of solid material which molecules literally fit with each other in a repetitive pattern. This is what causes the crystal to form all kinds of shapes.” But you are not here to hear us talking about all sort of scientific terminology regarding the crystals molecular structure, am I right? No, here you’ll find information about what are crystals for, how to use them and even some of the most common crystal types and their particular characteristics.

Crystals are Alive!

Theoretically speaking, crystals are actually alive. You’ll be surprised by how alike they are to us but we’ll get to that in a few moments.

By “living entity” we actually mean that they vibrate in the same frequencies as we do, that’s the main reason why humans and crystals have always found a way of coexisting in the same place. Have you ever heard someone saying that crystals help filling everything up with good energy? Have you also given them the judgy eye? We’ve all been there. I mean, the first time you heard someone saying that your first thought might be “How can a pretty rock be helpful in any way?

Let’s get deep on that thought, shall we? First of all, energy could be also know as vibrations and we’ve already said that crystals vibrate on the same frequency as us, humans. But, did you know that their vibration is actually free of resistant patterns? This means that when exposing yourself to a crystal, you’ll only get good vibrations as they are not able to generate bad vibrations. That’s why when you visit a place that has crystals, it usually is filled with harmony. And, as we vibrate at the same frequency, we end up having a pure and healthy interchange of vibrations. But, does this mean that crystals will eliminate the bad vibrations in the room or even in a particular person? Not quite, but we’ll get to that part soon.

Crystals Classification

Crystals, as well as many other mother earth’s products, can be divided into different categories. Those categories could change depending on what source you’re getting your information from, but basically, they are 6 that are the most known:

  • Cubic
  • Hexagonal
  • Tetragonal
  • Orthorhombic
  • Trigonal
  • Monoclinic

As you’ll notice, they are classified by its structure which, in most cases, can be easily seen with our own eyes as their shapes tend to be quite particular. Knowing and recognizing your crystals category will help you to know what are their benefits, how should you use them to get the most out of them and what can they help you with. Depending on the category and type, the crystal will feature different characteristics. Yeah, they all vibrate at the same frequency and feature almost the same attributes but think of them as if they were essential oils, they all must be good in a general level but also, each of them could help you heal different aspects of your body.

What Is Each Crystal For?

There are as many crystals in the world as there are trees in the forest but not all of them share the same characteristics. That’s why we’ll show you what the most common crystals are for:

Smoked quartz

The vibration of the smokey quartz is very high, and it is of the earth.

This stone is good to focus and clean your aura and energy.

Pink Quartz

This beautiful mineral is used to heal emotions and balance sexual energy. It is also known to help heal feelings such as anguish, sadness and anger. Take it with you to receive vibrations of love, calm and security.


Amethyst is a master stone; a highly protective glass with a very high vibration. This crystal possesses high powers of healing and cleansing, as well as providing energy, stabilizing emotional storms, raising hopes, driving away guilt and avoiding self-deception.


Citrine is considered the crystal of happiness, abundance and prosperity.

It is energizing and absorbs, transmutes and dissipates toxic energy and conflict; His energy is fabulous for when we feel sad or depressed.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a crystal that serves to cleanse your aura and balance energy.

Clear quartz is a basic crystal for healing, since it cleanses and repairs the aura, radiates energy to the body, stimulates the immune system, cleanses the body physically and spiritually, dissolves karma and amplifies intuition.

Charging a Crystal

Did you know that a crystal, as well as your iPhone, needs to get charged? Actually, you don’t need to recharge your crystals as frequently as you charge your phone but from time to time, it is good to give them some “crystal food”. Now, what do they even eat? Well, there are different ways to charge a crystal regardless of their classification but some of the easiest and most common ways are the following:

Bigger Crystals. Yeah, as obvious as it might sound, crystals can purify and recharge their energy just by being placed with other and bigger crystal. Let’s say that you have some little pocket crystals that you carry around with you and also, you happen to have a bigger one placed on a little table in your living room. Well, it is enough to just put the small ones over or around the bigger one. Leave them a few hours or maybe even the whole day and they’ll be fully charged and ready to go.

Sunlight. This must be everyone’s favourite way of charging they crystal as we’ve all always known that The Sun is one of the most powerful sources of energy in our solar system. Therefore, by placing your crystals underneath the direct sunlight, they’ll soon be charged with lots of energy. Just leave them under the sunlight for as long as you want and you’ll have all of your crystals fully charged again.

Salt Water. Charging your crystals with salt water might be the trickiest way of charging them as you can’t just use the salt you generally use to cook. I mean, you could, nothing wrong would happen to them, but maybe you won’t get the same charge you’d got by doing it with the salt that’s recommended to charge them. What salt is this? Himalayan Pink Salt. Now that I think about it, many people use this type of salt to cook so maybe you can actually use the same salt you use to cook after all. Just warm some water and add a pinch of salt, dissolve it and the water would be ready for you to put your crystals in it. Also, if you happen to live near a natural body of salted water, let’s say the sea, then you can go there, and just wash them in the sea water.

Now, How Can I Use a Crystal?

As strange as it may sound, one can actually use a crystal or even “consume” it in such a different amount of ways, you just have to get creative. Let learn some of the most usual ways of how to consciously use a crystal.

Also, you must remember that, in order for the crystals to actually have an effect on you, you need to be open to it. Don’t forget that everything is a vibration so, in order for the crystal to work, you need to vibrate with it.

Carry Pocket Crystals

There are at least one or two metaphysic stores in each city where you could find all types of crystals. One of the most common presentation and the cheapest one are the pocket crystals. These are crystals which price isn’t above 50 cents each. you could get one of each type and they’ll fit perfectly in your handbag where you can carry them everywhere you go.

Spirit Water

This one is for sure my favorite way of using crystals. It is basically putting a crystal in a glass of water and letting it rest for a few hours and if possible, a whole night in order to enhance the effect. Once the time has passed all you have to do is drink the water, but remember to do it while having meaningful thought. you can think of harmony, health, peace or for whatever you want the water to help you with. If you’re into meditating too, you can do it with the glass of water in your hands, this way you’ll focus your positive vibes in it too.

Crystal Grids

By this moment, you must’ve noticed that most crystals share a common shape and that is the hexagonal shape. Hexagons are actually believed to be a sacred shape as they appear in different structures within nature and history. Knowing this, you can now get a more complete idea of what a crystal grid is. Basically, you just have to connect crystals together and it works better if they all form one particular shape. If you’re going to build a crystal grid over the table, floor or even over your bed, you could start by placing the bigger one in the middle and the rest around it. Then, with a crystal that ends in a tip, you must connect each crystal with the one in the middle. You can do it by pointing at them and drawing lines towards the bigger one.

Bed Chakra Charge

Chakras are the center of spiritual power within the human body and humans have 7 of them. The idea of the bed chakra charge is to place seven different crystals, each of them representing one of your chakras, under your mattress or under your ben. This way, when we go to sleep, our chakras get to get charged as well as our body. In some cases, people actually wake up after a few hours but feeling completely rested and in some other cases, people get to have more vivid dreams but the effect that we get might completely depend on each person.


Remember that at the beginning of this article you asked -well maybe it was me who actually made the question- that if a crystal could take bad energy and turn it into good energy? If you do remember, you also can recall that the answer was no, crystals aren’t able to that, at least not on their own.

So, how can we use crystals to turn bad energy into good energy? Orgonite, that’s how.

An orgonite is a combination of crystals with metal and resin, all of this based on the scientific research done by Wilhelm Reich’s. Now, how does an orgonite work? As we know, crystals have a free-of-resistant-patterns vibration so, with the help of some metallic components and all together within a resin shape, an orgonite will be able to attract and dissolve negative vibrations within the environment. It is really helpful within a hostile atmosphere or to use while meditating in order to clean our vibration frequencies and turn them into good vibrations only.

One of the main reasons that a city is usually always hostile and with a negative vibration all over the air is thanks to the different telecommunication antennas. While the antennas are not the direct cause of negative vibrations, they actually cause them to stagnate within one particular place instead of going with the flow and being replaced by positive vibrations. I know right now you must be asking, why is this relevant within the orgonite topic? Well, actually orgonites might be the solution to this big problem. People realized that, by burying orgonites beneath these antennas, it turned out to improve the effect that the orgonite has cleaning these places from must of the negative energy that wasn’t able to move because of the same antennas. That’s why people have started this selfless move where they go and bury at least one orgonite beneath a giant antenna so the negative vibrations don’t affect the rest of the population.

Crystal Movement

Now that we’ve touched that orgonite movement, here’s another movement that you might’ve never heard about and it is the Crystal Movement. while reading it, you probably thought of a bo¿unch of people standing up for crystal equality or some movement like that but it is actually not like that.

At the beginning of the article we told you that crystals were alive, and just like us, they need to move, to travel and even to meet other people. That’s right, crystals aren’t supposed to stay with us forever. Sometimes, I found myself losing my favorite crystal over and over again until one day I completely lose it but it’s because the crystal needs to be found by someone else as its time with me was already over. Once you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense and you’ll even want to promote that movement. How you might be thinking. Well, there are plenty of ways. You can always carry crystals that you think need to move to somebody else and give them to people you know or even strangers you meet on the street that you think could be in need of it. If you are the introvert type, then you might as well leave them in a park over a bench and wait for someone to pick it up. Usually, the crystal chooses whom to go with, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Also, another way of promoting the crystal movement is by leaving crystal on areas that might need their help, such as hospitals, schools or offices. Not everyone has the money to buy a big crystal on their own just to leave it at school. That’s why at many places, they all cooperate and save in order to get a bog crystal for the place, so they can all vibrate in the same frequency, bringing peace and positive energy.

Finally, I’d like to finish this article by saying that, although crystals can help us in so many ways, they are not wish granters. We should differentiate between “Needing” and “Wanting”. While the first implies something we couldn’t leave without, the other stands for something that’s not indispensable for you to leave a full life. When we want something so much, sometimes we force the universe in order to get them and that will bring nothing but negative vibrations. We should never force mother nature into giving us something that we don’t actually need.

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