spiritual candles with a meditation matt and dumbbells

Meditation with Spiritual Candles

Here you have a very simple way to meditate easily, especially if you are starting and you think you can not meditate … try the Trataka which can be done by meditating with spiritual candles.

Trataka is a meditative exercise that consists of staring at an object and is an exercise both physical and mental.

By keeping your sight at a single point, the mind becomes quiet (natural state of the brain), concentration develops, and mental capacities such as attention and memory are enhanced. It also improves vision by stimulating the optic nerves and it is considered a purification exercise.

How to Meditate with Spiritual Candles

To begin the practice, sit in a comfortable position with the object of concentration slightly away from you.

Usually, spiritual candles are used but for this practice, it can be applied to any object that can easily be seen as a fruit, the sea, the moon or a star.

To practice meditation with spiritual candles, gently quiet your breathing making it normal. When you feel that your state is more relaxed, stare at the object and try to see it in its entirety but without elaborating some kind of thought, judgment or interpretation … If any thought comes to mind, simply return to focus on the object.

Try not to blink, keep the pupils fixed and try not to look away. This may be difficult at first, but as you continue with the practice it will become easier.

Sit still with your spine straight and eyes fixed. When you have more control and the blinking stops, your eyes will fill with tears … let them flow naturally, this will help the concentration and cleanse and relax the eyes. When your eyes get tired, close them but keep your concentration, and continue to observe the image of the object in your mind, preferably right in the middle of your eyebrows (called the third eye chakra).

A moment after the eyes are rested, open them again and continue to stare at the spiritual candles, repeat the process as many times as necessary for as long as you remain seated.

Remember that meditation techniques like any other skill, need time to master them, sometimes the process is fast and sometimes it seems slow and other times it seems that it might take us forever, but it is not like that, do not worry about the immediate results, keep practising constantly.

Soon you will experience a satisfaction totally independent of external circumstances, in reality, you will only realize that peace comes from within.

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