Meet Daniela DeCastro

Psychic Medium | Channeler | Reiki Master  | Spiritual Teacher| Life Coach

Find peace by receiving divine messages and guidance from your departed loved ones via a Psychic Medium.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Learn how to unlock your very own spiritual gifts as I guide you in 1-1 sessions

Host a Psychic Party!

Treat your party guests to a psychic night! I can go to your party venue or attend virtually

Psychic Mediumship

Private readings from 20 minutes to an hour. Recordings provided upon request

Spiritual Life Coaching

I don’t want to give you a fish, I want to teach you to fish. I will assist you in your awakening and enlightenment


Long Distance Healing for mind body and soul. Wherever you are in the world, I can reach you energetically

Metaphysical Events

I travel and teach at metaphysical events locally, nationally, internationally and on the sea! 

Alleviate your Grief and get Reassurance from your Passed on Loved Ones

Daniela Decastro can relay divine messages from people who have passed over. This usually involves connecting with ‘angels’ and ‘guides’ to receive divine messages. Psychic mediums can usually feel the personality and emotions of the spirit and can assume this to be messages from your loved one(s).

A spirit may come through because he or she feels there are loose ends with the person still living. They may want to bring closure so that there can be a feeling of peace and a sound mind. It may also be that a spirit will want to offer a solution to something or foretell something that is to come. It may be clarity and confirmation where there is confusion or indecisiveness. Usually, Spirits simply want to reassure you that they are happy in the spirit realm and although they may have died in the physical, they are still around for mentorship in times of need and when you are ready to explore and expand your own spiritual gifts.

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Coaching Packages
15 Minutes First Consultation

Available only to those who have never booked me before. Let’s meet, break the ice and plan our future sessions and goals


1 Hour Session

Pay as you go for one hour at a time. I will assist you on your journey of self-discovery, unleashing your own gifts and helping you to heal and know your purpose and destiny.


10 Session Coaching Package

An incentive to commit, pre-pay for 10 one hour coaching sessions and you will save £100 or another way to look at it is you get 1 session free


About Me

Whether you’re interested in receiving a message from dead loved ones, you’re in need of spiritual counseling, or you’re simply curious as to what a reading would reveal about your life I can help you. My purpose is to help you find peace, empower you and help you achieve your full potential.

Daniela Decastro is a Psychic Medium, channeler and healer. Her work began when she a young child and accepted her gifts as a medium without fear of them.

Daniela is a certified Reiki Master and Realm Reader, in addition to having extensively studied various methods of spiritual development. Decades of practice with extremely satisfied customers had made Daniela one of the most sought-after reader in the Tampa, Florida area.

The heartwarming care that Daniela puts into her work is nothing short of pure love; it’s the reason clients book time and time again for a divine message from dead loved ones. Often people become lifelong customers and look to her mentorship in times of need.

Very accurate reading, chakra analysis and balancing. Daniela will leave you feeling very peaceful, serene and protected! – Maura M


Daniela is amazing! 5 stars. Thank you so much!

Melinda Suzie Q Moriarity

“Daniela is a beautiful friend of mine from the very moment I met her I had a deep connection with her, she knew me before even getting to know me. I felt open and comfortable with her right away, I could tell her things I’ve never told my closest friends. She is very intuitive, very smart, very kind, very real, very honest and will tell you like it is.

We need more people that are straight forward like that with a beautiful heart. She is spiritual and inspiring and can feel the direction of your soul and spirit and the energies around you that are affecting you, when you don’t even know what’s going on within yourself. She is a magical being indeed ?”

Lexi Mucci

“You will feel comfortable and welcomed in the energy and presence of Daniela, Medium and Psychic, as you receive a reading from her. She can effortlessly deliver refreshing, enlightening information from your angels and guides as she focuses her attention solely on you, your questions and aspirations for improving your life as she offers specific guidance and suggestions to assist you on your spiritual and life paths.

Life truly does go on and Daniela can help you connect with your loved ones on the other side of the veil providing you with comfort as she delivers messages that they have been unable to get to you or messages that may have been left unsaid before our loved ones departed from this earth.

You will truly enjoy your experience with Daniela as I have”.

Rev. Sara Urbina

“Working with Daniela, simply put, is amazing. She has a way of putting you completely at ease. The information she shares is not only helpful, encouraging and inspiring but also spot on. Not only are her skills incredible, but her personality is as well. Daniela is funny, witty, and doesn’t pull any punches. I would (and have) highly recommended her to all of my family and friends.”


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