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What is a Medium?

A medium uses their ability of extrasensory perceptions and intuitiveness to provide evidence of the survival of the human soul after death. Medium Readings is where information is given by spirit guides via clairvoyance (inner seeing), clairaudience (inner hearing) and clairsentience (inner sensing).

We will show you that not only does the life essence of your passed on loved ones continue but also their memory and self-awareness continues as well. Medium readings provided to the receiver may bring comfort when bereaved and help to move forward in life.

Medium Readings are like a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms

How does a person in Tampa, Florida talk to a person in London, England on the phone? This is possible due to the technology that connects the two people. In a similar way, a Medium has a kind of spiritual technology that has been divinely installed and developed. He or she can act as the “phone line” between the living and the dead. Just as there are factors that can disrupt a clear phone line or internet connection, there can be issues too in the connection to the spiritual world – it’s not always perfect!

When You have a Medium Session

Here are a few pointers to prepare for your Medium session to ensure you get the best experience possible

  1. Come with an open mind

There is nothing wrong with healthy scepticism but decide to be open-minded at the time of your session.

2. Have the intention of contacting a specific dead loved one

Although you may choose not to, it’s perfectly fine to tell the Medium that you “hope to hear from your Grandma who has recently passed”. At the very least, ASK your loved one in your thoughts or even out loud to come through for you at the session before you go to your appointment.

3. What will be will be

There are no guarantees with a legitimate Medium. The Medium is merely a vessel transmitting messages from the spirit realm. If there is nothing to say, there is nothing to say. No one complains to the mailman on days you get no mail. Would that mean the session will be a complete disappointment? No. Other spiritual gifts may be beneficial.

If you happen to be in or near Tampa, Florida and you are searching for Mediums in Tampa then you could book Daniela Decastro. Daniela is one of the most renowned Mediums in Tampa. If however, you are too far away, Daniela can give you an online session thanks to the times we live in!

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