Host a Psychic Party

Thinking about hosting the BEST and most ENTERTAINING party of the season? Hire a Psychic Medium for a party or event.

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It is ALWAYS pleasant to spend time with great friends and family members and share new experiences together. Hosting a Psychic Mediumship party can be the most entertaining party you ever thrown and your guests will thank you for such a great experience and talk about it for years to come!

As a thank you for scheduling the psychic party event with 6 or more paid readings the host will receive a free 30-minute reading. If you book 10 or more guests to receive 20 or 30-minute readings each, it qualifies for a $5 discount per guest.

Usually, the host provides some appetizers and drinks of choice. Guests mingle before their readings and LOVE to discuss their readings afterwards with the group!

For an enjoyable party experience for all, there are a few recommendations to help make it a huge success.

Host a Virtual Psychic Party or Semi Virtual

What is a Virtual Psychic Party?

Perhaps you would like to book me for a psychic party but you don’t want to host it in your home or at any other physical venue. Simply gather your friends and I can host ALL of you together and hold a video conference. We will all be in a virtual and private room together.

What is a Semi Virtual Psychic Party?

What is where you and your family/friends are having a physical party in your home but I will be with you virtually. People book me for this if they are in a different county or state as me. Make your finger food, have your friends over and have a normal party (just without me there). Set up your webcam and I will be with you virtually on the screen to read for all your guests just as if I were there!

Fun popular occasions for a Psychic Party

Birthday Party
Bachelorette Party
Wedding and Baby Shower
Corporate Party
House Party
Halloween Party
New Year's Eve Party (Perfect for New Year's Resolutions!)
House Warming Party

How to Host a Psychic Party

1. Schedule appointments for their individual reading time. This is beneficial to keep things running smoothly and helps if someone needs to leave early or come later.
2. Best for guests to prepay to help keep things clear and running smoothly.
3. Helpful to have a quiet room away from the noise to help the guests receive their reading confidentially and where they can record it on their device successfully without background noise.
4. There is an option to have a round table reading where up to 8 guests pay a fee for a group session where the event is scheduled for a 2-hour block.
5. If some guests are consuming alcohol please have them go first before the nondrinking guests, for a better energy quality session.
6. If desiring a mediumship reading please have guests invite their departed loved ones prior to the party.
7. If desiring a psychic intuitive reading please have questions prepared in advance.

Restaurant Owners, Coffee Houses and Bar Owners – Put on an event night and fill your tables!

Yoga Studios and Spas can do a Metaphysical day!



  • 20 minutes  —  $40
  • 30 minutes  — $60
  • 40 minutes  — $80
  • Psychic Party Host  — 30-minute reading FREE

Wow your party guests

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