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I have been reading with Daniela for almost a year, and I can confidently say that she is very gifted. She is a warm and loving woman who isn’t afraid to deliver truthful messages that you may not want to hear, but is something you need to hear. She has proven to be a great spiritual teacher and guide to me. We have a great heart connection. She is more than just my psychic. She is also my friend and confidant. We have laughed together. We have cried together. We have stayed hopeful for a bright future for each other.

Needless to say, she is very understanding and caring. I have never felt like she judged me in any way. I truly felt like I was safe and could ask anything. She will not sugar-coat the messages she receives so if you’re looking for hand-holding and coddling then you should go somewhere else. She gets straight to the point and will help guide you along the way. She has been a great comfort during this very difficult year I’ve had. I truly thank her from the bottom of my heart, and deeply appreciate her so much. I highly recommend Daniela and commend her for sharing her gifts with everyone. VK

I had a reading done by Daniela in November 2015. She predicted that I would have a baby beginning of 2017 and I am now pregnant (totally unexpected and a surprise!) and the baby is due April 9 2017! So she was certainly right about that prediction! Thank you 🙂 Mejah

I just want to say how much I enjoyed my reading tonight with Daniela! She is so positive and inspirational! She knew exactly what I needed to hear from the first few seconds of the call! I can’t wait for my next reading and will be recommending all my family and friends! Thank you again!!! Kristine

Until meeting Daniela, I was a skeptic and have had many negative experiences and/or psychics that led me astray never mind one that offered genuine ability, care, and concern while exhibiting her ability to connect with me through her “guides” in a way that no one could possible know or understand. Daniela showed exemplary and honest psychic ability in her readings each and every time I utilized her services both in persona and via phone readings.

Daniela provided me with readings on issues, situations, and things only “I” would know. It is not often you find someone with real genuine ability; but, she not only has a special talent and ability in her readings; but, she also goes above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied and all your questions are answered and not quick to end the session once the time is up because she makes it evident that she cares deeply about her work and in the clients she serves and I am inspired by her, her heartfelt warmth, and her reading abilities. She has also helped bring me peace in many of my situations and I highly recommend her services! Jen B

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